Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"because it's humongous!"

So cute little CamCam has been talking about astronauts and space in preschool. She came home from preschool the other day with an astronaut helmet on......
Well her helmet strap (a piece of paper) kept ripping so we had to keep taping it. At dinner she was getting frustrated that it was breaking, and f course her brothers were teasing her about the size of her head (they actually like her to tell them her brain is big and that is why her head is big) So Jaxon asked her why her 'helmet' kept breaking and Cambree said, "Because my head is humongous!"

(not quite the response we expected:) I guess we better stop telling her she has a big head.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Basketball Battlewounds

This post is a little late but worth posting anyway...Two weeks ago, at Jaxon's Jr. Jazz game, in the first minute of the game, Jaxon got elbowed in the mouth. He started bleeding (and crying, just a little bit) so they took him out and he came to show me his mouth. He was bleeding from his tooth, his gum was all purple and his tooth was just hanging there--good thing it was a baby tooth! I tried to pull it out, but it was still a little tight and I was hoping it might tighten up. Then next night(Fri), he came in and told me to pull it because it was bugging him too much. I looked at it and it was barely hanging on by a thread. So I got out the floss, wrapped it around his tooth and popped it right out. He was pretty excited for the tooth fairy to come....however, we didn't know he was promoting his new movie, so he/she took the weekend off and didn't come until Mon :(

Sunday, January 17, 2010

7 cheers for Allly

My sweet little Ally turned 7 on Thursday. She was so excited for Christmas, she didn't have too much time to focus on her birthday count down (neither did I, I was kinda scrambling for the big day) Anyhoo, she got a pretty bad cold Tuesday night that settled in her eye, so she missed school on wed. She was so worried she was going to be sick and miss school on her birthday she rested all day to recover. It was so cute and sad, in her prayers she started crying as she said, "help me to get feeling better so I won't miss school on my birthday and help me to sleep tight tonight"
So she went to school on her birthday (ya, I'm one of those mothers....sending her kid sick to school, but she cried and cried till I let her go) her teacher asked her if she was OK because her eye was all red.....nice. Right after school I took her to the doctor, just to see of it was something besides a cold, yep, double ear infection....(I'm single handily supporting everyone at our pediatric office-we've been there alot lately) The doctor felt so bad for her she gave her coupons for free kid meals for everyone at Del Taco---sweet! So guess where we went for Ally's birthday dinner? You got it, Del Taco! She was so excited about it...since Tony and I didn't get a coupon, Ally told me I should bring a home lunch for us...that way it would be totally free! (Tony was thrilled with that comment) After dinner, her ears started acting up so we went home for an early night to bed.
Friday night we had a cheer leading party for her. It turned out really cute. I was a little late on the planning, (surprise) so I couldn't find Lehi purple, all I could find was High School Musical colors....so that's what we did. My nieces, who are Riverton Highschool Cheerleaders, came down and did a cheer clinic for the girls. They had a great time! We made ponytail ribbons, had the cheer clinic, and then cake and ice cream....perfect and easy....my type of party!
Ally and the girls
The girls did this cute little pyramid.

Cake and ice-cream....what a bunch of cuties.
Three cheers for Ally....Three cheers for me --I made the cake :)
Happy Birthday little sweetie! We love you so much!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm back!!! (ya I know you've heard that before, but...) My computer died a couple of weeks ago (yeah that is my excuse for 2 months of no blogging) and I came home one day from Christmas shopping and Tony was on my bed and there were piles--I'm not kidding--piles of screws, the keyboard, the hard drive, and what ever else you can remove from a computer, covering my bed. I freaked out and told Tony he was breaking my computer! His response was, "It was already broken, I'm trying to fix it" SCARY!! He actually got it put back together and it is functioning the way it was before (all whacked out) anyhoo....long story long, I got a new computer! YEA! So expect new and exciting things, hahaha. Here is my first attempt to download pictures, if I can find them :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boring Blog

So if you haven't noticed, my blog wigged out, so now I am stuck with the BORING blog that blogger offers. I need to switch to something else, this one has messed up the spacing on all my posts....it's a disaster. SO, if anyone has a suggestion of a cute place to go to spruce up my blog I would love your help :) (I'll take suggestions or feel free to come over and just do it for me:) )

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big boys DO cry

Spencer has been playing football for the 7th grade Lehi Pioneer A team this year. They have had a really good season with only two losses. This is pretty impressive considering Lehi's high school football record has been 0 and whatever for the last few years and this group of boys has never been to the playoffs. So our team was thrilled when we won our first game in tournament and went on to play in the Championship game!

We played American Fork for the Championship game. We unfortunately made a few crucial mistakes in the first half and just couldn't recover :( The final score was 34-14 for AF. Our boys were really disappointed in the way they played and especially for loosing the championship game. It was so sad after the game, most of the boys had their heads hung and tears in their eyes. That was quite a sight...tough guys with their faces painted and football pads on with tears streaming down their faces. Yes, big boys Do cry!

Spencer (#50) getting his medal from Coach Taylor (the Defensive coach)
Spencer was on the B team last year and got alot of playing time in all the games. This year because he made the A team, he didn't get as much playing time. BUT, I have to say, I was very proud of how he never complained or got discouraged, he went to practice everyday and did his best. He was a real TEAM player. We are proud of you buddy!